Thursday, 4 December 2008


... it feels like the coldest spell of weather we have had here for some time and although it is milder today it is still only just above freezing. We have had a dusting of snow for about ten days now with several very hard frosts. There has been plenty to do trying to keep the horses exercised, fed and watered and I am pleased to say that thanks to rigorous harrowing of the all-weather no work has been missed and we have several due to run imminently when I will be very much hoping for some improved results.

The plans are that Miss Colima and possibly Skipping Chapel will run at Kelso on Sunday, they are both also engaged at Sedgefield on Tuesday. Art Investor is an intended runner at Musselburgh on Monday (back to 2 miles after failing to stay over 3 miles last week) and Amulree and Whispering Moor go to Ayr on Monday 15th, let's hope the weather relents...

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