Friday, 4 December 2009

thank goodness...

as I write Mrs A is fetching Lucy from Ayr hospital, she is still quite sore, dazed and asking some slightly odd questions, but her main focus seems to be on telephoning the BHA's chief medical officer, Dr Michael Turner, to find out when she can start riding again - not too soon I hope. It will be good to have her back home for a few days rest as Ayr isn't terribly handy for visiting, particularly with the seemingly permanent snarl-up that afflicts central Scotland's road system every afternoon.
We are bypassing Kelso on Sunday but we might take Skipping Chapel back to Musselburgh on Monday, he didn't seem quite himself after his last run there a week ago but he did a nice piece of work this morning on the grass & if we are happy with him over the weekend he will take his chance. Hopefully Fearghal Davies will be in on Monday morning on his way to Musselburgh (well, we're not quite on the way from Penrith to Musselburgh but near enough!), the plan would be to school Contendo & Seeking Power over fences prior to running them at Hexham on Wednesday - time to stop messing about over hurdles with these two I think!
First lot reaches the top of the gallop just as the sun comes up this morning - rain again tomorrow, have to enjoy the nice mornings!

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Ben Aitken said...

Hi Nick

Glad to hear Lucy is making a speedy-ish recovery, the fall looked nasty.

Good to hear you are sending SEEKING POWER over fences, as you say "time to stop messing about over hurdles". I will be keeping an eye on his chasing debut, imagine he will love popping over the Hexham sticks.


Ben Aitken