Friday, 23 April 2010

Busy Weekend (I hope..)

Almost Blue galloping in splendid isolation past Scone Palace at Perth yesterday (picture courtesy of Dennis Penny), sadly at the back of the field, it was another lacklustre effort, it may have been the tacky ground but I feel there is something niggling him this season, he will be thoroughly checked out this morning but if nothing comes to light he may well re-appear tomorrow in the Members race at the Balcormo point-t0-point.
Today at Perth we run two in the bumper at 5.20, 9 run and the ground is on the easy side of good; Northern Flame makes his racecourse debut, he is a smashing long term prospect and today will be all about showing him what goes on, he will learn and we will learn. He has loads of ability but has been slow to come to hand, Campbell Gillies rides. We also run Forcefield with Lucy on top, he has had a couple of bumpers not progressing as much as I would have liked between them, I think it was probably because we hadn't done enough with him due to the weather - no excuse this time!
Tomorrow we should be well represented at Balcormo for our local point-to-point; Whispering Moor runs for the Stanistreets in the Members (first race, 2pm) with Kit on top, he seems exceptionally well and might be joined by Uncle Jamie on Almost Blue. We then intend to run Foodbroker Founder in the Ladies Open, Noir et Vert in the Mens Open, Commercial Express in the Club race and Amulree in the young horse Maiden.... it should be a good day and there is a very competitive pony race lined up to start proceedings at 1.30pm, hopefully see some of you there.

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