Thursday, 4 August 2011

Easy for some..

Wet again everywhere today but very warm at Doncaster Sales on Tuesday where we had a productive day buying the horse we wanted within our budget - Massini Man arrived here yesterday evening and will now have a short spell at grass.  Harvest looked like it was almost complete in Yorkshire, we hope for  few dry days so we can get started, can't help thinking they have it a bit easier - noticed they were baling all their rape straw, we used to do that now and again, don't grow rape any more, bad for the horses, hmm.  Lucy has completed her spell with Kevin Ryan and will now ride out for a few different people until our horses are doing a bit more, we have started some gentle cantering, very happy with the stage the horses are at, will keep stepping things up.  It was wet by the last race at Carlisle on Monday night and Lucy's dramatic last gasp victory was nearly followed by a tumble when the horse slipped, captured on camera......not sure how she recovered from this one!

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