Thursday, 11 March 2010

the week rolls on

Papamoa made a most encouraging racecourse debut on Tuesday finishing 5th of 14 with some decent horses behind him. Seeking Power decided to have a sore foot and was lame so he didn't run, he appears sound now though. It is too late to have him ready for Ayr on Saturday so he will revert to his original target at Hexham next Thursday, a little precipitation would help.

Today two go to Carlisle, Isla Pearl Fisher runs in the 3.15, Adrian Lane rides, 9 run and the ground is good to soft. He has little chance at the weights but the key with him is to give him more education over fences and Carlisle ought to be the perfect place for that job. Later in the day we run Four Fiddlers (pictured) in the bumper at 5.15, Lucy rides and 18 run, could be a bit of a stampede and lots of top stables are represented. I bought this horse expensively as a yearling (though not for as much as it says in today's paper!) with a view to trading him on unbroken, as happens he received a kick to the head whilst I was laid up with my broken leg two years ago. Due to go the esteemed Derby Sale in Ireland the consignor's vet said he would never be able to breath properly (and therefore race) so he was duly withdrawn from the sale. There was however no case for humane destruction so we were left with him, thank goodness for that as he is as nice a horse as I have ever had anything to do with, he has it all - looks, temperament, an engine and he jumps, all he needs now is luck.

He won't be as tuned up as the horses from the "bumper" stables so today is very much about learning, I hope he will run a nice race though,I should add that I will walk the course at Carlisle and if it isn't proper good to soft ground he will be withdrawn.

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