Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Gormless Gordon's Goodwood Greats

The gormless one is a little full of himself after yesterday when he managed to return £47.50 to a £10 e/w level stake so I ought to persevere and share today's selections;

3.25: Canford Cliffs (98)/ Premio Loco (93)

4.00: Grey Bunting (89)/ Contract Caterer (88)

5.10: Seradim (97)/ Dance East (95)

5.45: Oratory (92)/ Rulesn'regulations (90)
Personally I wouldn't mind a little each way interest in Beethoven at a big price, anyway let's hope Gordon keeps up the good work, we need a little redemption after Fabby Frank's Cheltenham fiasco...

When we moved to Kinneston in 1988 my late Father brought a lot of old bits of machinery and workshop equipment from our previous farm at Solsgirth, the family had been there for about 60 years so there was a curious selection of bits and pieces which for the last 22 years have sat here just generally becoming rusty and getting in the way.  Seperately I have been renting a shed to a interesting man from Ghana called Amu, I wasn't really sure what he did but it turns out he effectively gathers up all types of unwanted stuff and sends it to the community farm in Ghana where he grew up, he has been incredibly enthusiastic about the uses that lots of our old junk can be put to, what is now of no use here once again becomes state of the art equipment over there and it has given me enormous pleasure to think of these things being put to good use (along with old TVs, childrens' toys etc), if you have a moment check out the website he has set up for the farm -

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