Wednesday, 2 February 2011


After a remarkably quiet January weather-wise February has come in with a bang and we have strong westerly winds carrying plenty of blustery showers.  The long-term forecast is for much of the same throughout the month, not much fun but better than snow and ice so far as training horses goes. Native Coll put up a solid effort to finish 3rd at Newcastle today, he jumped well but appeared not to stay in a strongly run race with a very strong headwind, we may drop him back to two miles now but I am conscious that he lives next door to Seeking Power who I had to withdraw when he scoped badly yesterday afternoon.  He did beat the horse that won the last time he ran there (when he fell).  No more runners this week, next action will hopefully be at Ayr on Monday where we have Daasij and Northern Flame entered.
Isla Pearl Fisher
We suffered a serious setback on Saturday when Isla Pearl Fisher was found to be lame after returning from exercise.  Xrays diagnosed a hairline fracture to a hind pastern, he was transferrred to Glasgow University's Equine Hospital on Monday and operated on that afternoon.  Surgery appears to have gone well and the plan is that he will recuperate there until returning here early next week, Mrs Gammell went to see him yesterday and reported him to be in good heart.  Whilst this is distressing for everyone involved it is a common injury (and operation) amongst horses in training and, God-willing, there is no reason whatsoever why he won't be able to perform to his best again in the future.  There is a long way to go but I can assure everyone that he will receive the best possible care and attention, I can't wait to have him back here and will update on his progress next week.

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