Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Northern Flame could never really get going in the mud at Carlisle today but he plugged on to finish 7th of 11, Paddy Aspell reported that he couldn't get out of a canter and he was beaten before they reached the first hurdle.  Hmm, I had said I wouldn't run him on heavy and what do I do?  This game can snooker you slightly sometimes, he was balloted out at Newcastle last week, his preferred engagement at Ayr earlier this week was abandoned, we could have waited until Kelso next week but there is a chance of frost returning, he badly needed to run... so, we run on heavy; he appeared fresh and well on his return home - hopefully no harm done and at least we now know for definite that he doesn't handle deep ground.  I will look for a race for him in 3-4 weeks time when things might have started to dry up a bit.
Another good day back here, able to work on the grass and Commercial Express, Isla Patriot, Buffalo Ballet, Seeking Power, Daasij, Skipping Chapel & Noir et Vert all seemed to go well; the rest worked in the school and on the all-weather and should get on to the grass tomorrow.
Noir et Vert
I walked the course at Lanark pre Sunday's point-to-point on my way home from Carlisle and was amazed by how well it had drained considering the rain they have had in the last week, the course is in good condition with well-prepared fences & I suspect they will have plenty of runners.

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