Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Thundery showers this afternoon but a decent morning, yesterday's rain had been much heavier than I initially thought, well over 30mm and some colatteral damage to the gallop, remarkably it dried out over night and a bit of graft from the little tractor had it sorted for first lot this morning.  Most of the horses worked there apart from four mares that went to Lucinda's woodchip, all worked well but unfortunate drama on the way home when one went down in the lorry on the way home and panicked injuring herself and Gemma who was trying to calm her; Gemma off to A&E but nothing broken and Issabella Gem treated by the vet and will hopefully be alright.  Some also worked here on the grass so a quiet day for most tomorrow, I will be making my annual pilgrimage to Aintree for tomorrow and Fri, early start beckons and late back Fri night, looks like excellent racing........
Gemma and Issabella Gem

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