Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Colour is only skin deep?

A wet night and a slightly soggy gallop but plenty of work there and in the school with Northern Flame, Four Fiddlers and Flaming Thistle practising their jumping over coloured poles and the schooling hurdles, the latter being particularly exuberant.  No luck for Lucy at Kempton but off to Cheltenham tomorrow where she rides Lord Villez in the feature race at 3.45, hope she might pop in here on Thursday, plans forming for runners at Ayr and Corbridge p2p this weekend and we should have a good number of runners at Perth next week.
One thing I have been rather quiet about has been the miscreant terrier Joey who disappeared again last Wednesday night, more searching of the farm and heart but a certain resignation this time round, however to our delight we were telephoned this morning by the Police, she had been found late last night wandering the streets of Coalsnaughton, an ex mining village 25 miles west of here, she had obviously been stolen as her face has been dyed to disguise her, fortunately Mrs A had her microchipped after she was stolen in January and the police were able to re-unite us.  Although there are much worse forms of animal mutilation I do feel quite sick about what has been done to her, luckily she doesn't know she looks a bit odd and hopefully the dye will grow out over time, she has now been fitted with a GPS tracking device to go with her microchip.

The original version as a puppy

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