Monday, 23 July 2012

Cheese or Sticky Toffee?

A tumultuous weekend of sport, heroes crowned, Wiggins, Cavendish, Danedream, Els to name a few and what a gracious acceptance of a fortunate victory from the latter, a proper sportsman.  My Sunday less perfect than I imagined it was going to be; firstly the weather forecast changed, an increasingly important factor in my humour each day; as each week slips by a difficult summer becomes closer to a disastrous summer. Then, nipping down to quickly check  the condition of a gallop prior to watching the end of the Open, I bogged my car in a wet hole that didn't exist previously, some time later we re-emerged....anyway, on to the Olympics, I have to admit that having felt rather indifferent about the whole thing I am now becoming rather excited....  
After 16 inches of rain in six weeks followed by a dry 48 hours the ground at Cartmel was somewhere between semi-rip brie and sticky toffee pudding - very holding and it didn't seem to bring out the best in our runners who all completed but failed to get competitive, luckily with Lucy riding for a few other trainers as well we have extra chances of coming home with a smile on our faces and I was delighted that she won the Cartmel Cheese Hurdle, the calendar's richest Ladies  jump race, for Donald McCain; a special win at a busy fixture with the whole family present.  The same day last year she was runner up in the big Ladies race at Ascot, narrowly missing out on a wonderful Longines watch, this year more prize money but no watch, just champagne, sticky toffee pudding and, of course, cheese, not much use to a teetotal ladies jockey but won't be wasted!
We are balloted out today but will be trying to train horses and make haylage here (some hope) whilst Lucy goes back to Cartmel for five rides - Adios Saffron in the 2.20, Isiscozimcool in the 2.50, Pete in the 3.55, Allanard in the 4.30 and Carriteau in the 5.05.

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