Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sun last, hay mown and seldom will weather forecasts be more closely scrutinized than over the next 48 hours, fingers crossed.  Horses newly back in training doing flatwork in the school, trotting on the gallop and hacking, others more rigorous stuff on the all-weather.  Touring a few other yards to talk about gallop surfaces etc with other trainers, Lucinda and Scu very helpful today, daytrip to Yorkshire tomorrow.  Lucy back late last night, off very early to ride out the other side of Glasgow this morning, home now & riding here tomorrow prior to going down to Doncaster to ride Jake the Snake in the 6.45 at Doncaster.  Separate cars of course which is always a nuisance; for one reason or another we had four vehicles driving up from Cartmel to Kinneston on Saturday night - not at all sensible!

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