Sunday, 12 August 2012


Goldtrek (Lucy)
Cloudy today and cooler with an unsettled forecast but hey-ho we've had a good August week to go with our good week in May and our good week in March so not complaining (yet).  Riverbank gallop in great fettle so plenty of work there yesterday, very pleased with the way the horses are shaping up, quiet day today with horses on the walker and in the paddocks, back in light work tomorrow are Here's to Harry, Academy, Isla Patriot and Issabella Gem.
The Paddy Premium (Holly)
Can't believe the Olympics are nearly over, amazing performances and amazed by how capitvating I have found it personally and the effect it has had on the mood of the Nation.  The Alexander delegation were overcome by their brief trip on Friday and we all just pray that it can have some lasting impact after so much recent gloom.  I say get sport back into schools at every level, make it a core compulsory part of the curriculum and Society will benefit on many levels.

We are nearly finished the many renovations and improvements here, I am lucky to have some very experienced and hard-working tradesmen, the downside is that in tackling a place like this they will often discover something extra that needs done to ensure the longevity of their work, this draws things out and can cause frustration on behalf of impatient trainer, but I am always grateful for the depth of their commitment.

Four Fiddlers (Lucy)
Yesterday Jimmy the digger artist came up to me and explained that he would be coming in today (Sunday) because he was having to cut short his Saturday as his girlfriend was insisting on a trip to the Edinburgh Festival, he was apologetic - "it's no for me mind, to be honest I'd rather stick ma heid in the fridge"  - forgiven Jimmy!
Bertie Milan (Jen)
Some pics from this week, I can expect row from Mrs A for cutting heads off - sorry!

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