Wednesday, 20 April 2011


more fine weather; Papamoa, Twelve Paces & Northern Flame went to Lucinda's, Minimo & Commercial Express schooled over fences and Playing Footsie schooled over hurdles, the rest worked on the riverbank and all-weather.  Watering continues at all the racetracks but the weather looks settled well into the weekend so care will be required.  Mrs A has a new job, in charge of jockey's catering at Balcormo, keep telling her not to spoil them but she won't be told, I'll just have to sit in their changing room all afternoon (a la Mrs B - that's another story!).  Well aware that Perth are racing next week the famous couple have of course already had their wedding (you didn't really think all those pics on the telly were live did you, that would be far too high risk), not many people know this of course but I managed to find a video of the Royal Wedding ho, ho, sorry to spoil the surprise but at least you can come to Perth now.

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