Thursday, 21 July 2011

BBC bias?

The  BBC definitely has an axe to grind against racing; on a day when there was plenty of news about (to say the least) they chose to give prominence to Howard Johnson's case at the BHA as one of the headlines on the 10pm news and use it as an excuse to regurgitate issues regarding the whip and the Grand National, yet they persistently refuse to give coverage to any of the good news stories emanating from the sport of which there are plenty as the sport enjoys another vintage flat season.  They've dropped 80% of their coverage, have been allowed to keep the crown jewels and they trash the sport prominently whenever they have the slightest excuse......... grr - speak up for us Clare and Cornelius!
Anyway perhaps they can redeem themselves a little in my eyes by showing a recording of the 1.30 at Ascot on Saturday as part of their King George coverage, I hope so because Lucy is having her first ride at the track on Lightning Cloud  for Kevin Ryan in an ultra competitive 7f handicap.  Mr & Mrs A are  unable to attend as they are going to be at a 50th birthday party but will be trying to find a television somewhere, it's a fantastic opportunity for her to ride on one of the big days of the flat season at a world class track, on Sunday she is booked to ride in another valuable Ladies race, this time the Northern Ladies Derby, the feature race at Carlisle on Sunday.
Howard Johnson faces the music at the BHA yesterday
Back to Howard (yawn), his defence is that his vet told him you were allowed to carry out nerve desensitising in the lower limb and then race the horse, well, I am afraid if my vet had told me that I would have sought a second opinion straight away, I'm afraid this defence won't wash, the responsibility rests with the trainer and aside from horse welfare issues to endanger jockeys' lives in this way is very serious and I cannot see him being allowed to continue training, it's sad for Northern jump racing as I fear it will sour its largest patron of recent years in the form of Graham Wylie for whom the glory days of Inglis Drever must seem a remote memory at present.

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