Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hay saved

With darkening skies a big effort was required by the contractors baling and wrapping to beat the weather last night, in the event they wrapped 333 bales of what appears to be exceptional haylage in a few hours.  Locally yields are reported to be 20-25% ahead of normal and at over 11 bales per acre I will now have a big surplus if anybody wants any, this yield is in stark contrast to the very poor yields being experienced throughout most of England, a small dividend in return for putting up with so much awful wet weather I suppose.  New problem now as for some reason the crows have decided they like pecking holes in the bales, quite why I don't know, they probably enjoy seeing the irate trainer rushing down, jumping out of his car brandishing his shotgun before firing a couple of barrels into thin air while they fly away laughing.....
Plenty of horses in now, all on the walker for an hour, out to the field for the afternoon and into big airy barns for the night.  Farrier will be in next week and we will be riding at least a dozen by Monday 18th.  Lucy rides Danny John Boy in the 6.40 at Worcester tomorrow evening, her first ride against the great AP McCoy amongst others; she then has possible engagements at Chester on Friday and Perth on Sunday. Some pictures of the horses earlier this week....

Fleet Fox

Four Fiddlers - can be difficult to keep condition on this horse when in full work, plenty to work on this time!

We are herbivores too!

The matriarch - Harrietfield - breeder of nine horses at Kinneston and the best are still to come!

Desert King 2yo, just broken.

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