Sunday, 31 July 2011


Scotch Warrior (Lucy) leads the field at Perth
 A week of glorious weather and a productive time with 15 horses being exercised for about 75 mins each day; lots of walking and trotting, afternoons out in the field in the sun, and plenty of grub; important goundwork ahead of a long season, some will start cantering this week.  Lucy continues to be busy, two rides at Thirsk yesterday produced a 16-1 3rd and tomorrow (Monday) she heads to Carlisle for 3 rides at the ultimate Ladies night, an all lady rider pro-am card with Alexandra Burke playing after racing, they sold all 10,000 tickets for the evening some time ago, extraordinary. Gordon the gormless gnome will have headed back to the Alps with his satchel bulging after a productive Goodwood (£162 profit to a £10e/w stake he tells me), having been there on Thursday I can see why he loves the place, he moans that he can't bet in Swiss francs, puts the pressure on his cousin Frank who will no doubt insist on me giving him some airtime for the Ebor meeting at York. Doncaster Sales on Tuesday with an important order to fill, meanwhile, scenes from Kinneston yesterday........ 
Four Fiddlers (Emma)

Flamimg Thistles admires his new surroundings

The Paddy Premium (Emma), Isla Pearl Fisher (Kit) Buffalo Ballet (Holly) Seeking Power (Jen) and Little Glenshee (Lucy)

Isla Patriot, Four Fiddlers and Ocarina

Four Fiddlers
Capital Venture

Heading home

Nearly there!

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