Saturday, 24 September 2011

Le soleil

Yes, the sun made a rare appearance today, a glorious autumn morning and after a bit more rain tomorrow night we are going to enjoy some much needed better weather for a few days, harvest can be finished, straw baled and the grass gallops rested.  Plenty of action here this morning with next week's potential runners doing some faster work and the youngsters stepping up a bit, a few snaps below...
It's probably of very little interest to anyone but if you use twitter then do follow @kinneston - throughout the winter I intend to update regarding runners, going changes, Lucy's progress and also probably quite a lot of completely irrelevant drivel (not more they sigh!) as and when I remember!
Seeking Power (Kelly)

Isla Patriot (Holly)

Seeking Power, Isla Patriot and Sydney Cove (Kit)

A quiet hack for some...

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