Thursday, 8 September 2011


Glorious warm breezy afternoon here today, perfect combining weather and a stark contrast from the rain and gales earlier in the week.  Our first expedition to Lucinda's AW on Tuesday with The Paddy Premium, Papamoa and Forcefield, plenty of work here as well -  in the schools, on the riverbank, round the stubbles and up the all-weather, Louisa (fresh? from Burleigh) in this afternoon to do flatwork with The Paddy Premium, Forcefield and Northern Flame.  Lots of visitors which is fun, horses appear well, another week and we will be thinking about entries...... yo ho.
A triumph at Sedgefield on Tuesday when Lucy won what may well be her last race as an amateur on Pete for Barry Murtagh. A tricky ride in a competitive looking event, he races keenly and has to be produced in the shadow of the post as he will stop in front, she pulled it off but plenty of drama at the last hurdle, pictures courtesy of John Grossick.
Pete (Lucy) in the centre takes the last at Sedgefield

Agricultural (left) takes a nasty tumble
Ouch... and Jimmy McCarthy takes a glancing blow from Pete

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