Wednesday, 28 September 2011


.. what have we done to deserve this, glorious sunshine and temperatures in low 20s, straw being baled, horses basking in the fields, trainer in his deckchair (ha ha).  First decent summers day since, well, longer than I can remember, I'm confused and nature is confused, several horses have their winter coats and were dripping this morning, first two due to be clipped this afternoon.  A few house martins and swallows still hanging about, normally well gone by now, and only one small skein of migratory geese seen so far - apparently there are lots around Montrose but normally we see thousands by now, too hot, they knew.  Constructive morning, some working on the all-weather others enjoy slow steady canters for a couple of miles round fresh stubble fields, all calm, until........ Joey (Mrs A's number one beloved) ate the plumbers' lunch (already had the farrier's and the vet's in recent history) - panic - all bread in house mouldy, time to hide in office and blog......

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