Monday, 31 October 2011


A little more daylight is always welcome..

is..... the clocks going back, once a year, an extra hour, badly needed after 3 trips to Edinburgh in the previous 24 hours aside from everything else that is going on, impatient though - are those "average speed" cameras that are to plague us for 5 miles on the M90 actually live, can anyone report "being done"? - I hope not because if so I am in trouble, I just can't help myself and to compound it all I was nabbed by a plain clothes car just South of the roadworks on Saturday afternoon, infuriating but if those cameras are working I suspect I will be requiring a driver - FINGERS CROSSED - and self-control the new mantra.  Anyway, a quiet Sunday and time to reflect and plan, horses seem in good order and am very keen for more runners, plenty of entries at Musselburgh, Hexham, Kelso and Carlisle over the next week.  Rode the three horses from the sales this morning;  Academy who was then gelded, Goldtrek and Issabella Gem - they all appear to have settled in nicely, we will teach them to jump and then make plans......
What on earth is he about to say?

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