Friday, 21 October 2011

Grimmus Maximus

Describes the weather earlier this morning, low cloud, howling gale and soft but persistent rain, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday but brighter now (well, less dull) and a good morning's work with Isla Pearl Fisher, Sydney Cove and Here's to Harry going over to Lucinda's woodchip (the latter's first time ever off the farm aged four and a bit - how about that, there's a big world out there.....).  Back here Ocarina and The Paddy Premium worked on the grass and the rest (due to work tomorrow) either lobbed round on the grass for 3 miles or popped up and down the all weather a few times (depending on their propensity for pulling arms out of sockets on the grass.) No runners from here this weekend but she who is now beginning to clock up rather a serious mileage is riding at Stratford tomorrow; Fool's Wildcat for Gordon Elliot in the 2.20 and Nevsky Bridge for Bruce Hellier in the 5.00pm.  I think she needs to find a sponsor - any ideas?
Here's to Harry (Gemma)
Oh and by the way, the BHA appear to have acceeded to nearly all the PJA demands on alterations to the whip rules, they've rescinded the bans imposed so far which means Soumillon will rightly collect his £55k and Hughes will be back riding at Newbury this afternoon........ and they all lived happily ever after.. maybe... perhaps there is no such thing as bad publicity (2nd item only to Gadaffi on Radio 4 10.00am news bulletin today - move over Sarkozy & Merkel) but all so unnecessary and badly handled by the BHA, the Chairman took full responsibility... is his position really tenable now.........  

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