Monday, 27 February 2012

Balmy or Barmy?

Slightly dreich today but tomorrow we are promised our warmest February day ever and Kelso look like having to water ahead of their premier fixture on Saturday, that is certainly unprecedented.  Looking further ahead I spy a little sting in winter's tail but, long range weather forecasting? this was meant to have been a very hard winter, not sure how they can get it so spectacularly wrong.
A splendid winner at Newcastle on Saturday for Lucy on the Ferdy Murphy trained Lord Villez and both our pointers ran with credit yesterday to be placed, slightly unfortunate quote in yesterday's RP with Saturday's victorious trainer saying Lucy had "balls of steel,"  perhaps more applicable to the entertaining streaker at Murrayfield who ran rings around the rotund flourescent jacketed security men as they tried to catch up with him, another "nearly" performance from Scotland, an entertaining match with an ultimately disappointing result.  
Led away... but he had a good run! (that couldn't be "Sir" Fred on the right could it?)
This week we hope to have a couple of runners at Kelso on Saturday, Lucy hopes to be at Catterick tomorrow, Southwell on Wednesday, Doncaster on Friday and then at Kelso....

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