Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Windy Wednesday

Blowing a bit of a gale here today but very mild and the forecast is for much of the same until early next month so  I'm going to relax, winter is defeated - salt spreader, snow plough etc can all go back into storage... (tempting fate?) Busy morning again, with Four Fiddlers, Papamoa and Academy heading over to Lucinda's and lots of others working hard here on the all-weather, very blowy over there but I loved seeing the horses work, twenty minutes standing in wind with soft rain but a skip in my step when I returned to the car.  A cracking winner for Lucy yesterday on Stanley Bridge at Wetherby, just holding on in a driving finish, today she is at Doncaster where she rides Go Amwell in the 4.10.
And how about the whip rules?  It appears from my brief look at the RP that they have effectively undone all the changes, that might or might not be the right thing to do and I am glad they are sorting it out before Cheltenham but what a huge waste of everyone's time, absurd, in any other walk of life someone would fall on their sword and that should be however presided over the whole debacle......

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