Sunday, 19 February 2012


A good morning with the horses yesterday, some here on the all-weather, some at Lucinda's and some here on the grass. I hope I am better at training horses than children to drive, Clare's first go with her Dad lasted all of 30 yards....(must let her drive next time!)
Oops, an early collision with a wall brought an abrupt halt to Clare's first driving lesson with Dad, I don't think I will go for a second career as a driving instructor!
A fine review of the website and blog in today's Racing Post, luckily he only thinks I've been at this since 2008, the old email blog started long before that, yawn, thanks for sticking with me!

Extract from today's RP
Frosty this morning and a fine drive to Northumberland and back with the horses, sadly no pointing though as for some odd reason racing was abandoned due to unsafe ground as it was still deemed to be frozen in places. These decisions are always difficult but I walked the entire track between 11.55 and 12.25 with my stick and in my opinion it was fine to race on, the only other person that I met walking the whole track with a stick was a very experienced rider from Yorkshire and she agreed with me, bizarre, I'm certainly not one for risking horses on unsafe ground and I walk a lot of racetracks throughout the year, three lories from Kinross-shire alone so a lot of diesel burnt.  In the event I wouldn't have run two of my four intended runners as for the second week in a row the ground was not as described on the Saturday, hmm, nothing to do with frost either, at least I was home to watch Luxy riding at Market Rasen, can't believe the amount of fantastic press she has had this week, still means nothing to her which is great really, she just wants to get on with the next race, tomorrow she rides Domolly in the 4.10 at Carlisle and then it's Wetherby on Tuesday... 

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