Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Darkest of Days

What started off as a normal sort of morning was brought to a shuddering halt with the awful news that Campbell Gillies had died whilst on holiday in Greece.  Campbell was an immensely talented young jockey with his career ahead of him, it is impossibly tragic that it should be cut short in this way and our deepest and heartfelt sympathies go to his family and friends together with Lucinda and Scu and the whole team at Arlary.  
I loved the way horses appeared to flow for him, they ran naturally, as if he wasn't there, he became part of them; he combined that with balance, strength and a sense of rhythm and timing to be a rare talent, a natural horseman nurtured and enhanced by the trainers that supported him and gave him the chance to shine. The racing world is a small one,  news travels fast and black armbands were being worn by the flat jockeys at Brighton this afternoon, tributes will flow and everyone will pull together in shared emotion but there is simply nothing  that can lessen the intense grief that will be felt by those closest to him. For them time will heal very slowly indeed but eventually some solace will be found in being grateful for the wonderful memories and a rare talent that had the chance to dazzle so brightly, albeit far,far too briefly.  
Campbell Gillies on Brindisi Breeze

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