Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A weighty problem....

Damp this morning, planning final pieces of work for this weekend's three intended runners - riverbank gallop looks in superb shape if we can nip in there ahead of the rain, a straight mile of deep sand, another four having a decent canter, nearly there with a couple of youngsters, more to grass next week I hope.  Early start for Lucy, off to school first thing in deepest Cumbria prior to heading to Cartmel where she rides Itstooearly in the 2.10 (probably exactly what she was thinking when her alarm went at 4am!), Heezasteel in the 3.50 and Stanley Bridge in the 5.25, on to Yorkshire after that, schooling there in the morning then Wetherby tomorrow night. 
One for the anoraks - turning over the calendar for June I am greeted by picture of The Paddy Premium winning at Perth this time last year, having a slightly frustrating time getting him "sharp" enough this time round, he was 493kg on the morning of his race last year, 10 days ago he was a similar weight, I thought it would be good for him to have a couple of hours in the paddocks each afternoon, he clearly overdid himself a bit, going into last Saturday's race he was 506kg, trainer a bit horrified, 24 hours later he was 494kg, the race and 8 hours on the lorry had done some good but by last night (another 48 hours later) he was 509kg, aaargh! grazing now restricted to 45 mins and lots of work continuing to come his way, but he is 12, perhaps middle age spread is catching up with him..... (like trainer like horse!)
Been quite busy in the office over the long weekend and lots of visitors but did enjoy dipping into the BBC's coverage of the festivities in London from time to time; wonderful stuff, so well organised and creating a fantastic atmosphere of formality combined with genuinely happy celebration, the Royal Family have assumed a new relevance in straightened economic times and they, most particularly the Queen, give so much pleasure to so many, three cheers say I..... somewhat unusually I think I feel proud to be British, I am sure many others feel the same.   

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