Friday, 29 June 2012

Rain, rain, rain

Just keeps pouring down, some are much worse off but it is tiresome.  Still difficult to take in the dreadful news from earlier in the week, so many wonderful tributes but such a terrible waste, its going to be tough for lads in the weighing room at Perth next week but I am sure Campbell would have wanted them to crack on and get on with it, a poignant winner for Arlary at Hamilton last night, so pleased for them and am sure they will pull together, incredibly difficult though.
Paddock at Newcastle yesterday afternoon.......
Be nice if it dries out a bit for Perth, we have five entered but they could all do with reasonable ground, meanwhile I am going to make a fleeting visit to Musselburgh this afternoon to watch Lucy ride Illustration in the 4.20 and Stormont Bridge in the 4.55 - both outsiders but riding on the flat is keeping her very fit (and light!).
Goodness gracious me, the sun has just come out, I must be hallucinating...........

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