Saturday, 27 November 2010

been here before

the "warmest" temperature today was minus 2, not unprecedented for the time of year, I actually took this photograph on the same weekend two years ago.  Blizzards forecast for tomorrow, I'll be hoping it rains!  Managed to work all the horses this morning on the all-weather today which was fine, they will have a quiet Sunday with an hour on the horse-walker and some will probably go out in the fields again as they did today unless conditions are completely horrific, last winter I stopped turning them out and I don't think that did their lung health much good so we will persevere. 
A wonderful renewal of the Hennessy, won in taking fashion by an improving young horse and a magnificent performance in defeat by Denman, it's what the sport is all about, Silver by Nature needs softer ground to be seen at his best but I am sure Peter looked after him when his chance had gone and he will be a very interesting prospect for the Welsh National. 
This weather looks set in for the whole of next week, we will just concentrate on keeping the horses fit, healthy and fresh... just not too fresh!

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