Friday, 26 November 2010


Well, Newcastle off, Carlisle no chance of being on and I'm in danger of becoming grumpy, we couldn't go to Lucinda's this morning because of frost, am hoping to go there tomorrow but snow forecast for tonight, at least our gallop is holding up well and 12 horses worked on it today, the other four - who had all had more intensive physio yesterday - just a a long (and cold!) walk out.  It's a lovely sunny afternoon though so plenty of them are turned out in the fields for extra rations of fresh air.

So we won't be racing this weekend, our next engagements are at Ayr and Catterick on Wednesday - Native Coll might go down there as it looks the only place likely to be on for the next week or so, we will then have entries at Kelso on Sunday 5th.  With last weekend's runners both going so well and 7 of our 9 runners this season having made the frame I am understandably keen to get on, never mind at least there is the Hennesy to watch tomorrow with the mighty Denman on display, it would be wonderful for the area if Lucinda's Silver by Nature could run a big race and I will be urging Peter on but it's a bit of a shame for him that the race appears the most competitive its been for some time - if the same Denman turns up that won the race last year then I can't really see him being beaten.

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