Wednesday, 24 November 2010


We schooled Seeking Power in a visor (blinkers with a slit at the back to let in light) this morning and it certainly stirred him up a bit, I think he will run wearing this on Saturday and it should just help him travel and maintain his focus throughout the race. Also schooling well over fences were Native Coll and Skipping Chapel.  The rest of the horses took the chance to do plenty of steady cantering on grass as the forecast indicates that we will be restricted to the artificial surfaces for at least the next week.

This afternoon involved a trip to East Lothian to watch U13 rugby, very exciting but also absolutely freezing, the Belhaven rugby pitch is in a slightly elevated position right next to the North Sea which in todays north-easterly snow-laden breeze made it one of the coldest places on the planet, Aberdeenshire is now snowbound which comes as no surprise, lets hope it stays up there.  Saw a few old friends though which was fun....

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