Thursday, 25 November 2010

Deja Vu

the first snowfall of the winter and it's back onto the tractor first thing to rotovate the school and gallop bringing back not very welcome memories of the slog of battling with the weather last season, stream of texts from the racecourses updating re conditions doesn't help either and an optimistic update to the owners of Northern Flame turns out to be a little premature as Newcastle announce that they have had 5 inches of snow overnight leading to a bleak prognosis for the weekend.  A fair amount of satisfaction though gained by the gallop coming up in perfect condition and all 16 horses in full work did a couple of steady canters which was just what I wanted, hoping to take Isla Pearl Fisher, Isla Patriot and Skipping Chapel to Lucinda's tomorrow if the weather allows so am happy to see her lorry in here today - using her gallop as much this season has been a big help and it makes me feel better about it if she is using ours too.
Grania our visiting physio came in at 9.30 and is still out there now at 3.30 with our in-house physio Gillian, they are going over all the horses and really take their time to go into detail, its hugely appreciated by me as they must be absolutely freezing by now, I am amazed by how often they find a little niggle that I suspected but said nothing about - I am sure that good quality pro-active physio must be hugely beneficial in enabling these horses to cope with their work, oh dear, another text just through, Newcastle abandoned.... drat!

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