Thursday, 3 March 2011

Harold's Blog

Hello, I'm Harry, not sure why I have been chosen but "Trainer" was in today and was moaning that he had no volunteers as guest bloggers on his website...well, where do I start?  I have had the dubious privilege/unpleasant task of cutting his hair for the last 20 years, I didn't know anything about racing back then but have gradually become quite taken by the sport.  I suppose it's his endless optimism that fascinates me and it's also quite infectious.  However awful the weather, however many setbacks he has, he always seems to believe that the next winner is round the corner and that he has a future champion growing up in the yard; one day I am sure one will emerge.
As a customer, not quite perfect, always wants an appointment at short notice, always turns up late, never more than five minutes but late nevertheless.  Most amazingly though he only seems to have his hair cut twice a year, March Cheltenham & September Perth, walks in with a crow's nest stuck on his head, says "a number 4 please," smiles at the end and says that should last six months; I'm sure it's all about value for money, poor value for me though, takes ages!  Never mind, he's a good tipper so long as I get a  pretty girl to wash his hair, leaves nothing if I end up doing it; mind you he's no good at tipping horses and another annoying habit is that he always calls me Harold for some reaon known only to himself.
Harold smartening "Trainer" up for Cheltenham
He's good for business though, always sending his mates round.  Now he says he can't understand why they don't have hairdressers at airports, all those otherwise busy people with time on their hands, says he can introduce me to those Spanish people that own Edinburgh airport & sort me out some space, sounds good; and he says it's the same at the races, claims to know that dodgy chap that runs Perth, says he can sort me out a space there too, and he can put me in touch with the people that sell the Pimms, a glass of Pimms while you have your hair cut between races - how perfect is that - see you there! Oh, one other thing, he says I've got to give a tip for Cheltenham - how about Barber's Shop (ha ha, got quite a lot in common with the owner though..), the man with pink socks can't work out what trip it wants, I think I'll go for Diamond Harry instead...  

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