Wednesday, 2 March 2011


 Another splendid & productive morning; Papamoa, Amulree & Skipping Chapel worked on the grass, 2nd lot did steady cantering on the "BGF," those that worked yesterday went for a long hack & Buffalo Ballet, Commercial Express and "Alf" worked on Lucinda's woodchip.  Not only that I have identified the first guest blogger, connection with racing a little tenuous, I hope he's not too rude!
It was particularly pleasing to see Papamoa back in action after a short lay-off, he has been back cantering for a month but we are stepping things up now and he seems in excellent form.
Bit of a fuss in the paper about me wanting to continue with the NW styling rather than being known as Nick or Nicholas, as I can't decide between the latter two I thought it was easier to stick with the status quo particulalrly as all our branding etc features "NW Alexander," appears there are only 5 out of about 800 who want to stay this way so it sticks out a bit which wasn't the intention..
Papamoa (James)

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