Sunday, 20 March 2011

Busy Day

Hmm, six runners yielded two thirds & a fourth, not bad, all ran well enough apart from Northern Flame who didn't seem to want to know, frustrating as I've long regarded him as one of our best prospects, Campbell's initial reaction was that mentally he doesn't want to race but I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume something physical is ailing him - problem is finding out what, I will do my best.  Forcefield's run was the most encouraging of the day finishing a good third behind two much more experienced in-form rivals on his handicap debut.  Newcastle's St Patrick's Day meeting was once again mobbed with well-refreshed dressed up Geordies having a ball, live on Channel Four, very profitable I am sure yet we were racing for buttons, eventually no horses will bother turning up - what will they do then?
I was sad to be absent from some highly competitive racing at the Buccleuch point-to-point, a record numner of runners I suspect, I suppose it shows that sport rather than money will always be the driver in National Hunt racing.  Dennis Penny kindly sent me some great pictures which give a good feel for the day, I share those below...

Tomorrow at Kelso the ground will be on the soft side of good, we have two runners; Isla Patriot runs in 2.10 for Philippa Gammell, Peter Buchanan is on top and 15 run, he ran a nice little race on his hurdling debut and I hope he can build on this.  Playing Footsie runs in the 5.10 for Jeremy and Sarah Billinge, Lucy rides, 15 run; she's a game young mare with a big story to tell, it's her racecourse debut and we will be trying to ensure she enjoys it...


Whose going to give me a leg up?

This young man has kindly obliged, me thinks he has done it before!

Kit, Commercial Express and Emma
I hate running two in the same race....Diane leads Jamie in on Nor et Vert followed by Kit on Commercial Express
Determination - JFA on Noir et Vert

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