Thursday, 31 March 2011


Three runners at Newcastle tomorrow where the ground looks likely to be good to soft, Native Coll goes in the 3.30, 9 run, Peter Buchanan rides, if we have sorted out the little problem that affected him at Carlisle then he should have a chance - we won't know till tomorrow though!  Daasij runs in the 5.00, 11 run and Harry Haynes rides, I am looking forward to seeing how the step up to 3 miles works, he has been looking like he hasn't stayed in his previous two runs for us but his flat form suggests he should and it may be that he just hasn't been quickening, again hopefully we will find out tomorrow.  Twelve Paces runs in the 5.30, Lucy rides and 8 run, he has cheek pieces on for the first time and is slipping down the handicap.......... as ever, plenty of optimism!

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apintofstella said...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner - well done!