Thursday, 26 May 2011


A fiercely cold wind at Hexham on Tuesday night but nothing like a winner to warm the heart and Daasij duly obliged in the 9pm; off late and run in fading light he quickened clear nicely turning in to prove his Newcastle success was no fluke, he may reappear at Cartmel on Monday prior to his summer break.  Earlier in the evening Isla Patriot stayed on well enough to finish 6th, it looks as if 3 miles will be his trip.
On to Doncaster Sales, much thinner trade than the vibrant May horses-in-training sales of the past but there are now so many boutique prestige sales that the better horses are spread around, I'm not certain that this works in the industry's favour - perhaps better to have all the good horses and all the big buyers together, would certainly create a bit more atmosphere which was definitely lacking at Doncaster.
Milder and quieter back here today, horses walking after a decent workout on the all-weather yesterday, much of my time spent inspecting the damage from Monday's storm, two big trees down and plenty of branches littering the farm.  Lucy heading back down the road to ride Perez in the 9pm at Wetherby for wiley Wilf, thereafter a potentially busy weekend with Cartmel on Saturday and Monday and the final point-to-point of the season at Hexham on Sunday
branches litter the carrot field after Monday's storm

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