Sunday, 29 May 2011


Well that wasn't so good, Native Coll and Amulree both pulled up at Cartmel last night after apparently failing to handle the sharp track and appearing unable to keep up, then Amulree bit me when she was being washed down, a long drive home and somewhat inconclusive apart from it not being a good idea to run big long striding horses round horseracing's equivalent of Monaco. That of course is exactly what we are doing tomorrow when we run Twelve Paces in the 3.20, 6 run and Lucy rides; then Daasij runs in the 5.40, 13 run and he should have a good chance of defying his penalty, particularly if they have some rain. The lorry barely had a chance to cool down after arriving back in the early hours prior to departing for Hexham first thing this morning with Almost Blue on board which Jamie will ride in the Club race.

Almost Blue
It's a fair old trek to Cartmel but there is something about the place that makes you smile from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, it is completely beguiling and I thoroughly recommend it.


Rob North said...


A pity your runners didn't handle Cartmel. You really need a nippy sort that runs up with the pace.

The course itself is a 'singular place' and you really have to take it as it comes. I went there a couple of years back and spent my time rushing back and forth between the paddock and the mound at the other end of the course (a reservoir?), which was probably about the best public viewing spot. I must have covered five or six miles during the afternoon!


Kinneston said...

Thanks Rob, its a funny place, they go flat out but then often seem to finish strung out, you need to be nippy & sharp but still stay well, suited Daasij (though he would win anywhere at the moment!) think Commercial Express was undone by the loose ground rather than the track.