Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Ah, human again today, yesterday I felt as though I had spent the weekend being run over by a very slow moving steam roller.  "Dreich" weather, whole country apparently, at least it will prevent the ground drying up at Newcastle before Friday.  Important final piece of work on the grass for the potential runners this morning and very pleased with Capital Venture, Isla Pearl Fisher, Forcefield and Isla Patriot. Lucy good 2nd in the last at Sedgie, remains in England riding out for another day or two. Interesting trend developing in people ringing me up and congratulating me on Lucy's success but completely failing to mention my runners, even when they win and that includes my own Mother who I had to politely ask if she had managed to watch the 2.10 at Hexham, "oh no" she siad, "did you have a runner?" - think I better get used to it........

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