Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Awesome Kauto
Cold and blowy up the all-weather this morning, pleased to be using it though, it has undergone a minor refurbsishment this week and Holly described it as like riding on marshmallows- perfect. 

Buffalo Ballet (Holly), The Paddy Premium (Lucy H) and Ocarina (Gemma) after their work on the grass yesterday

closer inspection of The Paddy Premium reveals why everyone might be quite happy to have the all-weather back!
Sedgefield has never been my luckiest track, best moment cheering on brother Jamie to win there a few years ago from the bar at Cheltenham, broken a couple of nice horses down at the track, yesterday the starter screwed up letting them go before Sydney and another were even on the track, they had an inquiry into it and have referred to to the BHA, too late for Sydney, at least he's back home in one piece having run a decent enough race to finish a never nearer 5th.
Today Lucy has two long-priced rides at Wetherby, I Got Music for Keith Reveley in the 12.25 and Jan Smuts in the 2.35 for Wilf Storey. Our next stop is Musselburgh Friday followed by Newcastle Saturday all being well, and big excitement is making first entries this winter for Ayr, too late though, they should have starterd there at least a month ago...

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