Sunday, 13 November 2011

Slow Sunday

Seeking Power (Kelly)
Ah, the delight of a 7am alarm rather than the standard 6am, horses always especially pleased to see me on a Sunday, breakfast is late, Forcefield bucking in his stable waiting for his, a sign that he is over his exertions on Friday.  My own breakfast spent watching yesterday's racing from Cheltenham, unlucky Noble Alan, fantastic for the Pipes and the shrewd Ferdy nearly pulls it off, was that really the same horse that pulled up at Carlisle less than a fortnight ago?  Morning in the office, weekly reports to owners, plans to be made, potter about the yard taking time to look at a few issues that might have been puzzling me. Friends for lunch, Cheltenham on TV, when will we be playing on this stage?  Before too long I think.  Time at last to talk to Lucy about last week's rides, where she is going this week, what she thinks about my plans for the horses, little things to tweak the routine and facilities here.  Not much racing up here this week, its a shame, November produces nice ground but there is a dearth of fixtures, plenty in December and January but always the dreaded weather hanging over us by then; we are heading to Hexham on Wednesday where we have Seeking Power, Papamoa, Capital Venture and Sydney Cove entered, hope to run the first three, might leave Sydney for another week.  May make a specualtive entry for Haydock's big meeting on Saturday, the Buffalo is nearly ready to rumble, can't decide if he's feeling one of his shins a little bit though, something for me to go and puzzle over....

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