Thursday, 24 November 2011


Isla Patriot
It's a blessing that I cut short my career in the City, I could have done a lot of damage judging for my propensity to press the wrong button on the computer, fortunately today it only resulted in Buffalo Ballet being declared by mistake for Musselburgh tomorrow.  He is fit and ready to run well but for a variety of reasons would be better to wait another week or so, banned for 6 days now but not missing anything.  We do run Isla Patriot in the 12.10, this is a good race for him despite a minor setback earlier this week, Lucy rides, 8 run and it is on the quick side of good but rain forecast tonight.  We also run The Paddy Premium in the 2.25, 7 run, Lucy on board, he will hopefully benefit from the drop back in trip and Lucy's claim. Lucy also rides Red Lite for Wilf Storey in the 12.40, King's Chorister in the 2.55 for Barry Murtagh and All American for Alan Swinbank in the 3.30.
Tomorrow also sees the launch of our new ownership concept - have a look and do contact us if you are interested or know of anyone that might be.........

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