Thursday, 15 December 2011

Big night out....

Sun shining this afternoon, most unusual, frost beckons no doubt, 8 horses first lot down on the grass but unbelievably wet so back to the all-weather for the rest of them.  Busy afternoon, Peter in to school Academy over hurdles, physios looking at a few.  Carlisle passed its first inspection so hope remains, Newcastle putting the frost covers down.  Stables night out in Perth this evening, should be lively, sadly no Lucy as she is destined for Uttoxeter and will need to head down the road tonight, she rides Stanley Bridge for Barry Murtagh in 11.35, decent chance but meeting must pass 7.30 inspection.  Mrs A most disappointed, she is filling in for Lucy at dinner, not that she minds a good night out it's just that she's reading the lesson at school carol service tomorrow and she feels she might perform better if she hasn't had a night on the tiles first, well, we'll be doing our best to lead her astray, reading to 500 people much easier through the haze of a hangover (perhaps not!).  First for Lucy last night with a live radio interview conducted secretly from her room after trainer had retired for the eveing, I think you can just hear him snoring noisily in the background, she gives a horse to follow for 2012, he could be the one, you will have to listen here on iplayer 5 live racing , wind forward 37 mins, tee hee.
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