Wednesday, 14 December 2011

chill chill

Cold but quieter today after a storm last night though another inch of rain confines us to the all-weather and hacking in the forestry for those that worked yesterday.  Entries made for Musselburgh on Tuesday - Isla Pearl Fisher, Isla Patriot and Buffalo Ballet - the latter two the more likely runners.  Warming to the idea of running Sydney Cove at Newcastle on Saturday, looks an open race and think the ground and track will suit well.  Like to run Papamoa at Carlisle on Sunday but must be a big doubt re the weather, only question in my mind is weather it will be waterlogged before the frost sets in!  Nice race for him at Ayr at New Year so we may have to wait and at least the forecast is for more clement weather next week.
It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that Mrs A has somewhere (or maybe several places) in our house that she keeps chocolate biscuits and bars of chocolate to which I am not privvy. This does not appear to be for her sole consumption but rather more so that she can occasionally produce a little treat for her appreciative husband, a bit like the way in which she produces biscuits for the dogs.  I am uncertain that this is in the best interests of a harmonious marriage, it can produce periods of unnecessary stress when she is absent and the addiction strikes, if eventually found it then produces another bout of stress worrying about whether the supply is counted and a missing bar will be noticed thereby leading to a new place of concealment.  In the distant pass I seem to recall the words "with thee I share my worldly goods," oh well, no doubt she will see it as in my best interests, "in sickness and in health"....

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Kay Slater said...

Chocolate is rationed in our house as well, as boxes of chocolates bought for me have been discovered completely empty but left in fridge. I am with Mrs A on this one, I have several ingenious hiding places I can recommend to her.