Thursday, 8 December 2011

The eye of the storm

Seeking Power (Amy)
Ferocious weather today, storm force winds and two quick lots cantering up the grass this morning, the 8 that worked hard on the all-weather yesterday were confined to the walker...... yesterday, what a day, Seeking Power ran his heart out in the 3m 1f handicap chase in extreme conditions, closing down the leaders all the way to the line to finish 3rd, luckily he doesn't read the Daily Telegraph in which he features in an entertaining article about Lucy, he's such an honest horse, just can't go very fast but I admire his courage.  Lorry was late back last night and away sharp this morning to pick a horse up from West Lothian, Jim managed to nip over the Bridge and back before the wind closed it mid morning, Jim Barclay is one of the many rocks on which this operation is founded, his help in driving the lorry etc when we are busy at this time of year is invaluable.  Conditions yesterday can be ably summed up by this little vignette.... Lucy received her first fine from the Stewards for breaking a rule - an £80 fine for pulling up and then passing a horse that was still in the race, problem was the horse still in the race had slowed to a trot having jumped the last when Lucy wisely pulled up before it and then cantered very slowly home thereby overtaking the horse still in thge race, rules say she should have stopped and waited for it to complete, for how long I wonder, darkness was falling!  hmm, rules are rules... With a meeting in Edinburgh this morning and a drinks party to attend there last night on the way back from Hexham lazy trainer stayed away with Mrs A, Hotel Missoni  was very convenient but by the time we were coming home from the Open Platform offices in the Gyle the weather had caused gridlock in central Scotland and a half hour journey took two and a half..... oh well, Kit trying to get back from Durham to sharpen up the pointers tomorrow over the fences before the scheduled start of the season on Sunday, and Lucy due to be at Doncaster by 10am tomorrow where she rides Red Lite in the 11.50, Tinseltown in the 1.35 and Oniz Tiptoes in the 3.20 - another early start beckons!

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