Thursday, 1 December 2011


Sharp air here this afternoon, cold and crisp whilst running a grass harrow over the "horseshoe" gallop, wet still but hopefully good to work on by Saturday.  Generally quiet day for the horses, an hour's hack round the farm for most of them, easy canters for Buffalo Ballet, Academy, Tipsy Dara, Alflora 3yo, Amulree and Native Coll.  Plans beginning to fall into place for next batch of runners, looks like Forcefield Kelso Sunday, Buffalo Ballet Musselburgh Monday, Sydney Cove Sedgefield Tuesday, Seeking Power and possibly Papamoa at Hexham on Wednesday.... much easier if they all ran at the same place however we have to give them all their best chance. 
Lucy rather embarrased by my "day in the life of" yesterday but she did point out that I omitted her 5 mile run in the afternoon, she runs at least 5 miles 4 or 5 times each week........
Papamoa (Holly) and Isla Patriot (Kelly)

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