Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stormy again.....

Another westerly storm blows in off the Atlantic and batters our little farm, fierce weather but amazingly we managed to get first lot out onto the grass where they worked well, brave horses, brave riders, 2nd lot confined to the school and all-weather in shocking conditions and, well, 3rd lot were yesterday's workers so I relented and they went on the "walking machine" as dear old Francois used to call it.  I was accompanied for most of the morning by a senior man from the Charity Sector, wisely he spent much of the time sitting in my car on his Blackberry, I think he was formulating plans for the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Workriders, evil trainers........... anyway, down to earth with a bump for Lucy with two falls on her first two rides at Catterick, other two got round but on her way home now, battling the winds on  the M74.
Isla Pearl Fisher at Kelso last season
Big day tomorrow, we run Isla Pearl Fisher in the 2.40 at Kelso, 7 run, Lucy rides and the ground is soft.  He came out of his seasonal debut in mid November very well and I have been balancing a desire to run him again with a niggle in the back of my mind that I would like him to have a quiet winter campaign in the hope that we can have him in tip top condition come the spring, one thing or another has stopped me running him so far but he needs to go again now and although the ground may end up being a bit too soft for him he should still put up a bold display. Lucy also rides Edinburgh Gin Time, Mr Manson, Storm Surge and Eurohunter, the latter two both winners on their most recent visit to the track (as is IPF...)

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