Friday, 16 March 2012

Hail the North (and let's not forget Kauto)

Going in to this week I was heard to bemoan the concentration of the best horses at the big Southern trainers compared with a few years ago when the Northern circuit could expect to come away with a handful of winners; how wrong I was and how delighted I am to be proved wrong, a fantastic week for the North at Cheltenham, six winners, more than the Irish and including two genuine Championship races today, I am so pleased for the McCains, Cindy & Scu and the team at Arlary, John Quinn, Malcolm Jefferson and of course the jockeys, most particularly Campbell Gillies and Harry Haynes, and from such a relatively small pool of less expensive horses, top achievers and I trust that Mr Wylie was eating his "there aren't any trainers in the North" words as he watched his horse he sent from the North to be trained in Ireland fail to peg back the awesome Brindisi Breeze. One day I hope to be there with them but for now I salute them (and raise a glass perhaps?), I look forward to seeing them all at Newcastle tomorrow.........

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