Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tension mounts...

Frosty start today but clouding over now, Friday's potential runners worked on our all-weather whilst the rest had a spin in the round school and then a less strenuous time up the gallop. 
A big week for us with some important runners at Ayr and a big ten days for Lucy as it now look as though she will have some rides at the Festival after an exceptionally busy week before that, she was home briefly last night having clocked 1700 miles in the previous six days, time to school Academy over the hurdles this morning before heading off to Newcastle for five rides this afternoon, at this stage it is crucial that she is available for as many trainers as possible and I just have to grab her when I can!  Tomorrow she is at Catterick with four rides; Rare Coincidence 2.20, Penton Hook 2.50, Mansonien L'As 3.50 and Seren Gris 5.20.

Racehorses on the beach
Lucy (red cap) with Ferdy and his Cheltenham squad relaxing on Redcar beach yesterday (another picture on page 10 of today's Telegraph.)

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