Monday, 19 March 2012


Blowy and cool today but dry and back on an even keel after a productive Sunday catching up in the office and sorting the gallops etc. Plenty to do with the horses cantering in the two schools and on the all-weather, no runners this week until Saturday when we hope to be well represented at Kelso and the Lanark p2p though a few will need some rain.  We might even have Lucy here to ride out for a few days, expecting her back late tonight after being at Southwell today, she will be back off to Haydock tomorrow pm but after that she has a few days off race riding thanks to a four day ban picked up at Carlisle two weeks ago, this takes her out from Thursday until Sunday and is likely to prove quite costly, perhaps disproportionately so as her crime was failing to ride out for 4th place when the jockey in front of her eased up, anyway, lesson learnt!  

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